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Bambone Plus Jouet à Mâcher pour Chien Bœuf 15,2 cm   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN ×Product customization

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10 avis pour Bambone Plus Jouet à Mâcher pour Chien Bœuf 15,2 cm   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN ×Product customization

  1. Valentina C.

    I have pitbull that likes to destroy every toy i get her, but this one has passed the durability test, she LOVES it, she’s constantly knawing at it and it is lasting!

  2. JT

    My English Springer chews through toys in no time and even when toys last longer, she doesn’t stay entertained for too long. I got her Bambone delivered today and she has been chewing on it almost nonstop since I gave it to her! She just loves it and can’t seem to get enough of it. My only regret is not finding this toy sooner. Highly recommend! (And this is coming from someone who never writes reviews but did it because this toy is a game changer).PS: Only had it for a day so cannot weigh-in on how lasting it is; So far, in great shape even after a few hours of getting chewed.

  3. Sean

    Needed something for a crazy puppy chewer. I like that he can hold in his paws. He really seems to enjoy it.

  4. Steve

    My dog absolutely loves this toy.

  5. tasha w.

    My husky is an aggressive chewer – he loves hard chews and works tirelessly away at them. Got this in August and by October he has it chewed to just the handle! You can tell it’s his favourite chew because of it’s paw-held convenience, he prefers it over all other hard chews and is a bit befuddled at how it can be so small all of a sudden.

  6. My2Sense

    Not for aggressive chewers, dog liked flavour

  7. Deanna Marie

    We just adopted two dogs and were told they didn’t like toys but then noticed them chewing our kids toys. Bought them this and they love it, so much that I’ve already ordered a second one so they can both chew at the same time

  8. Amazon Customer

    This is a very durable dog chew bone. We have a golden retriever pup and he is now 5 months and there is hardly any wear on the bone. It is one of his favourites and is perfect for his teething stage. We have 3 of them because he likes them so much. Would definitely recommend this product. Good for all ages in all sizes. Our puppies go to bone.

  9. Amazon Customer

    My dogs love theseCheaper than constantly buying rawhides or non-rawhide chews, plus don’t bother their tummies/add calories to their diets. The texture makes it enticing. Easy for my dogs to grip and hold. No big chunks break off so very safe. Love these!

  10. Victoria E. Davis

    My dog’s favorite boneThis bone is worth every penny. It lasts a long time and the dog loves it. It’s easy for him to “hold” so he can really chomp on it (he is a Golden Retriever and loves to chew). We let him keep his last one too long (they do need to be replaced when there is serious wear on them). The only bad thing is that they REALLY HURT when the dog leaves it in the middle of the floor and you step on it with your bare feet.

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