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Catit Nibbly Grills Recette de poulet et homard – (28,3 g), 30 g 1 pièce   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN



8 avis pour Catit Nibbly Grills Recette de poulet et homard – (28,3 g), 30 g 1 pièce   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN

  1. Sarah

    All I can say is that my cat goes crazy for these treats. I give him two at a time and he’s always wanting more. They don’t have much smell and are like a long piece of cat jerky. My cat food slightly gag on one because he inhaled instead of chewed (runs in the family). Overall I think these will be our newest go-to cat treat.

  2. Desiree

    My cat loves these so much I have actually been able to train her for certain things and she picked up from the dog how to beg apparently as she will balance on two legs front paws pulled close and meows at you as if saying “seeeee I can do it to, I get a treat now to right” these she will eat out of my fingers when she isn’t such a fan of eating outside her giant kennel turned safe space cave lol she even carries her kibble there to eat it. “This treat though is so good the human can touch it and even hold it while I take bites of it cause I don’t care that it’s right in her hand I must have these amazing things” I actually had to get a plastic container as she would get anywhere I put these and pull them down To get into the bag and enjoy while sharing with the dog so the dog won’t tattle lol I just love how my cat reacts to these treats. These and other flavours just got added to the subscribe and save list of things I need. Bonus is that they are far healthier for the cat and I can give her extra treats for being good lol I might see how much I can train the cat now to lol.

  3. Shanna Banana

    My cats love these, so much so that while I was out one evening, they found a bag, ripped it open, and ate the entire package. I bought a few of these to put in with gifts for my neighbours cat at Christmas as well. All the cats seem to enjoy them.

  4. Elise

    The scent is very enticing to the cat, he enjoyed the flavor, but the product was a bit tough, even for jerky, I will not purchase again unfortunately

  5. Tina

    My son said they like them just fine.

  6. Lin

    my cat is crazy about this treat.

  7. Esther Johnston

    They love the smell and taste. They are trying to get into package before it’s open. Wish there were more in the package

  8. Maria U.

    Schmeckt!Die Cats sind happy!

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