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CESAR Bakies Treats Croquant Adulte Petit Chien – Poulet rôti au bacon, sachet de 550 g   Import  Single ASIN  Import



8 avis pour CESAR Bakies Treats Croquant Adulte Petit Chien – Poulet rôti au bacon, sachet de 550 g   Import  Single ASIN  Import

  1. Mark Fowler

    In the bustling metropolis of canine cravings, where every dog yearns for a taste of the extraordinary, emerges a culinary masterpiece – CESAR Bakies Treats Adult Crunch. A testament to gastronomic excellence and a journey to flavor-rich realms, these New York Strip-infused delights encapsulated within a 180g Pouch are a canine odyssey like no other!From the first whiff of the tantalizing New York Strip aroma, my furry companion was entranced, transported to a culinary universe where savoring the finest flavors was an art form. The pouch held within it not just treats, but the promise of a gastronomic adventure that my pup and I were about to embark upon.As my dog eagerly sank his teeth into the crispy, tantalizing Bakies Treats, a symphony of delight danced across his taste buds. Each bite was an explosion of flavor, akin to tasting the essence of the famed New York Strip itself. It was as if the soul of the city had been distilled into these delectable morsels, awakening a sense of bliss that sent his tail into a joyous wagging frenzy.The irresistible crunch of every bite was met with an orchestra of canine satisfaction, a testament to the impeccable texture of these treats. The perfectly balanced crunch was not just a mere sensation; it was a euphoric experience that left my four-legged companion yearning for more.And as the 180g Pouch seemed to disappear far too quickly, I couldn’t help but be awe-struck by the sheer ingenuity of CESAR Bakies Treats. In that moment, I knew that these treats were not just a snack; they were an expression of love, a gesture of companionship, and a promise to indulge our furry friends with the best life has to offer.In conclusion, CESAR Bakies Treats Adult Crunch, with the allure of the New York Strip, have transcended the ordinary and ventured into the realm of the extraordinary. They have ignited a flavor revolution in the hearts and taste buds of our cherished canine companions. A true culinary triumph that every dog deserves to experience on their gastronomic odyssey. Let your dog taste the grandeur of New York Strip; let them savor the magic of CESAR Bakies Treats!

  2. Andrea

    Will buy these again. Great size

  3. Arthur

    Our dogs love it, will definitely buy again!

  4. Lea

    My older dog really likes them as they are crunchy, not really hard and easy to chew and apparently tasty.

  5. Tim Porter

    My little dog just loves these treats.

  6. My dogs love these, great bite size for training easy on their stomach, we got through a few bags a week

    As having multiple dogs in home we prefer using these as motivation works great. Used all day long when needed. My pups love them

  7. Vittorio

    I have a tiny poodle(weighs 4 lbs.) and the treats are too big for my dog..

  8. Line Richard

    Mes chiens les adorent, très bon renforçateur pour bon comportement. Je les coupe en deux parce qu’ils sont un peu gros et que j’ai deux chiens.

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