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DentaLife Soins bucco-dentaires quotidiens pour chiens de petite et moyenne race – Pochette de 40 carats   Import  Single



7 avis pour DentaLife Soins bucco-dentaires quotidiens pour chiens de petite et moyenne race – Pochette de 40 carats   Import  Single

  1. Adam

    My dog was recommended a toothbrush by the vet though he said these are a product that works too.He was right, and the dog loves them.We have an older dog that was getting a bit of buildup on his teeth. After using one of these a day for a few weeks we are seeing improvement.A bonus is that his breath has improved.The toothbrush he was terrified of is now treat time he looks forward to.

  2. suedowning575

    These are a favourite with our dogs and they are a good value!

  3. E Johnston

    A little tight for large

  4. Just Me

    We’ve been giving the gal one of these each day, right after her breakfast. It doesn’t matter if she’s getting kibble or raw (when feeding raw, she gets kibble in the morning and raw in the evening to allow enough time between meals to properly digest the kibble), and this has been going on for over two years. When I take her to the vet, and they inspect her mouth, they are always amazed at how good her teeth look, no plaque build-up, but this has as much to do with only feeding kibble once per day. There are times when she gets raw twice a day, but she still gets the treat after breakfast. If you have a dog, you know how they like their routine.I’ve heard it and read it numerous times; kibble is the biggest contributor to plaque build-up in dogs. When we were just feeding raw, and had not yet started with these, she never had any plaque issues.There has never been a negative relation, no tummy troubles or anything else. Our holistic vet is happy with these being given out one per day.Our biggest problem is getting her to slowly chew the treat so it can work better. Some days, she just inhales it. She like these that much; she has never turned her nose up at one of them.So I can state that after more than two years, these have definitely made a difference when used on a regular basis.Price-wise, this is not bad. Since she gets one a day, we get over a month’s worth of treats out of a bag (well, except for those times when I can’t resist those eyeballs staring at me in that way), and we always have a couple of bags in the pantry.I’m giving 5-stars because it does what its supposed to but otherwise there is nothing really spectacular to mention.

  5. Christina

    Mon chien les adores et il a vraiment des belle dents blanches.

  6. Claudine d’Anjou

    Dessert après son repas.

  7. mar.

    I rescued a chihuahua 5 months ago took him to the vet. The vet had him checked. I took Gizzy back for his last needle last month and the vet was shocked at how good his teeth were. Most small dogs have teeth issues, but Gizzy came back with a clean bill of health, no discolouring what so ever!! He said whatever your doing your doing it right and don’t let anyone tell you different. I was so happy I told him I use your product and he said keep it up!! I would recommend your dental bones 100% Gizzy is living his best life!! Thank you so much for taking care of my fur babies teeth!!!

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