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10 avis pour Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Regular Chicken   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN ×Product customization Go Pro General

  1. Real Life Reviewer

    I’ve purchased Nylabones in the past for my two dogs but this is the first time I’ve tried this particular type. My dogs just love them. One is a 95 pound Lab mix power chewer, and the other is a 45 pound (Doberman maybe??) mix and a moderate chewer. The bones must have a yummy scent detectable to dogs (I can’t smell anything) because my guys went mad for them before the package was fully opened. They have been happily chewing away since the bones arrived last week. No Nylabone will last forever, especially with a power chewer, but these seem like they will last a good few months. Note that these are made out of a hard plastic – if you want rubber try the Kong Goodie Bone, also highly recommended by my dogs. I pre-ordered these bones when they were out of stock so got them for the amazing price of $7.99 each. Even at full price, this is a good product and comparable to what I’ve paid in stores for other Nylabones. My dogs are happy, so I’m happy. No complaints. I recommend this product to anyone with dogs that love to chew, and would buy it again in the future.

  2. Kindergarten Gramma

    This is a durable chew toy and a good size for my big dogs, but they lost interest within a couple of days. I’ll try putting it away for a while and reintroducing it – fingers crossed they show renewed interest. It’s too expensive to just sit in the toy box.

  3. trendycanada

    Little Too pricey for this size but I like that my dong can’t rip it apart after a week

  4. D. Hill

    I have had various Nylabone products in the past, and generally my dogs have gone after them and enjoyed them as any other real bone. Can’t recall if they’ve all been “flavoured” versions, which could be the immediate enticement…?But this one didn’t seem to peak the interest of the smaller dog it was intended for, my Jack Russell Terrier. Instead, my Basenji/JRT wanted it desperately! Sadly, after just minutes of chewing, he had caused one end to be covered in sharp “burrs” and was cutting his mouth. I’m aware the burrs occur, and need to be filed off, but it wasn’t really meant for his teeth – lesson learned on my part.The JRT is a bit of a funny one anyways, usually only displaying an interest in a toy or bone the B/JRT is playing with, just waiting for the moment to steal it when he’s distracted. when she does chew this (rarely) she gets the kind of use out of it I hoped for, with no burring or significant scratches to the product.Would not likely by this one again, just bad luck this time, but would certainly continue to by other Nylabones.

  5. John

    Nice size for in the house and my lab can chew for an hour and it is still in good shape

  6. Christine

    I’ve purchased a few of these now. My dog loves them. She is an aggressive chewer! Cant give her anything stuffed. It’s destroyed in seconds. She will chew on this forever. Totally worth it.

  7. Sourcherry7

    Seller claims the Nylabone is chicken flavoured. I dont know what it actually tastes like but it doesn’t smell like chicken or anything else. It has no smell to my human nose. My dog doesn’t want it. I tried rubbing ham meat on it. My dog licked it and tried to bite down on it but then abandoned it. Its small, but i think its still too big for her chihuahua mouth, for her to grip with her teeth. She hasn’t gone near it since.

  8. Lisa

    I ordered this chew toy and within 5 minutes all the blue nubs started coming off and my girl was eating them. Just beware of the dangers.

  9. LuckyB

    Super für unseren Bulldog !Wie immer von Nylabone klasse für unseren Bulldogrüden. er war sofort total begeistert. Empfehlendswert !

  10. Product came damaged and leaking. The colour itself would have been ideal and as described, however very poorly packaged

    Lasts wellMy dogs destroy all toys, however this has lasted very well. Dogs enjoy them and have hours of entertainment. Keeps them occupied when we are out

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