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PureSnacks Pure – Friandises pour chien, taille avantageuse au foie de bœuf, 200 g/198 g (2PS198BL5)   Import  Single ASIN



10 avis pour PureSnacks Pure – Friandises pour chien, taille avantageuse au foie de bœuf, 200 g/198 g (2PS198BL5)   Import  Single ASIN

  1. LegallyBrunette

    Our dog has always been a picky eater and we are not to blame: We don’t feed her table scraps (she is not even interested in human food), nor do we feed her too many treats. We have changed her food three times, so it’s not the case that she has “trained us humans” to feed her a better food by going into a food strike. Nah, she is just not that into food! (Deep down I’m jealous of her…)Considering that we adopted her and I wasn’t aware of every little detail in her puppyhood, we decided to try a ‘home made’ food topper; to break her negative association we food. We didn’t waste money on moist, canned toppers they sell in store because the ingredient list contains too many things that can’t be spelled. The frozen ones were out of our budget, so we pretty much turned this treat into a food topper. It’s effective, affordable, and contains simple limited listed ingredients. Liver is a good source of copper, iron, niacin, phosphorus and zinc. It provides many B vitamins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and essential amino acids your dog needs to stay extra healthy. Think if it as their morning ‘green smoothie’.Since we have added this to her food, she looks forward to her meals. Not in an annoying way crying for it, but she finishes her bowl. We are no longer worried that she hasn’t eaten for a day.Tips:I used to crack them in pieces and mix them with her food, but she would find the pieces and separately eat those at times, so I made it impossible for her to do that by literally grinding a bunch of these, and adding a spoon of “liver powder” on her food every other day! I keep the powder in a container next to her food, half of this package grinded, lasts about 10 meals (20 days as I food top every other day). My fingers don’t smell like liver after prepping her meals any longer, and because the scent is all over her kibbles, she goes crazy for her food!Hope this helps all the furbaby lovers out there! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. S W

    So our pup loves the PureBites beef liver treats and we love using them for training but they’re pretty pricey. We looked on Amazon and the prices were better but then we stumbled upon PureSnacks. It seemed at first like some weird knockoff of PureBites or maybe the same company packaging two different products for different markets/consumer base. It wasn’t even just the backs of the packages were the same, the nutrition info was the same, and even the clipart that they use for the cow is identical just in different spots. In promotional photos, the little pile of beef liver treats in front of the packaging is identical in both. We decided to give it a try since the prices were much better and you get so much more for the same price (14.4 oz of PureSnacks for $19.99 vs. 8.8 oz of PureBites for $19.99). Upon receiving the PureSnacks, we realized that they are indeed the same product, same smell, same consistency, and pup still likes it the same. The only difference we could tell was that the treats were not as aesthetically uniform. Some pieces were huge, some were small and very inconsistent. There were also way more “boney” pieces and pieces that just weren’t the prettiest vs. the PureBites ones were pretty uniform and a lot “cleaner” looking. Honestly, I don’t care about the size or how they look since we break it up into itty bitty pieces for training anyway and my pup sure doesn’t care about how they look either. I’m happy to take the price cut for the “rejects” that didn’t make it through the the quality check but are fundamentally identical in ingredients. 5 stars!

  3. Deb-Lynn

    We go thru a bag a month as they’re the only treat my pup with pancreatitis can eat. They’re used as training rewards & for filling their puzzles. Most of the pieces are good with only the occasional stringy or hard one.

  4. alain boisvert

    pas cher


    After getting a small handful and seeing a jar of dry liver in every room at my vet and having the vet give it to him i decided to try it out .He loves it and i find that his poop is more solid then the previous treats that i use to give him .Very satisfied with this product

  6. Patricia Brisson

    Its great. not all broken up in pieces and nice big chunks mixed with thin ones..

  7. shaun

    My dog loves these treats so much and they don’t stink super bad either its a really big bag for only 20 dollars too I by one bag per month for my dogs

  8. Pipebriar

    My dog loves these treats and I keep getting them for her.

  9. Azsunshawn

    Pup’s Fave & Excellent quality (+best value)My dog’s favorite treats! I was hesitant to buy these based on one review claiming to have found strips of “paper” in them…but gave them a try and figured they must have had a bad batch or something because everyone else on Amazon raves about them. So as I was breaking them up into small pieces for her “Training treats” bag, I, too discovered the “strips “. However, I held them under running water and just as I suspected, they dissolved! They seem to be part of the liver – maybe in the freeze drying process, the gelee/fat(s) solidify; not sure but definitely not paper. The “strip” shape is due to the way they slice these treats. Love how thin they are so we can break them up into smaller treats. Our new dog (1 yr old who’s been passed around before we adopted her) has Dog Aggression issues and during training, she’s so anxious she wouldn’t take 2 other kinds of treats (one from Costco that she would eat at home & the other is the one the trainers provide). Trainer suggested “dried liver” treats. Got them in a day/in time for our next class, yay Amazon, and she DID eat them despite her anxiety and all of the distractions : pJust bought 2 more bags and will most likely need to do the monthly “subscription “ so we always have plenty. She needs a lot of work (and reinforcement).

  10. Christina Lanzer

    My Dong like themMy dogs really like them, I can;t answer on the flavor because I have NOT tasted them, but my dogs always want more.

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