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TEMPTATIONS Friandises pour chat, assortiment de variétés, 510 g (lot de 6 x 85 g)   Import  Single ASIN  Import



8 avis pour TEMPTATIONS Friandises pour chat, assortiment de variétés, 510 g (lot de 6 x 85 g)   Import  Single ASIN  Import

  1. Miss Meow

    I love the variety! My cats scream when I take out the Temptations. Great value for the price, fast delivery.

  2. Disco

    My cats, who are picky and don’t like any treats LOVE these. You get so many different flavours to play around with and the value, you can’t beat! I bought the value pack thinking that they wouldn’t like all of them, but so far they have enjoyed 3 of the 3 packages I have already opened.These are like McDonald’s for cats-junk food, but they love it as an occasional treat.

  3. J. Roger Northall

    Temptations cat treats are a popular choice among cat owners, and for good reason. These treats are loved by cats all over the world and are known for their irresistible flavors. Here are some key points to consider:Variety of flavors: Temptations cat treats come in a wide range of flavors, including chicken, seafood, beef, and even catnip. This variety allows you to find the perfect treat that your cat will enjoy.Crunchy texture: The treats have a crunchy outer shell that cats seem to love. This texture can help to promote dental health by reducing tartar buildup and keeping your cat’s teeth clean.Cat-approved taste: One of the most important aspects of a cat treat is its taste, and Temptations does not disappoint. Many cat owners report that their cats go crazy for these treats and will do just about anything to get their paws on them.Affordable and widely available: Temptations cat treats are reasonably priced.While Temptations cat treats are tasty and enjoyable for cats, they are also nutritious.My cat’s love them.

  4. Micheala

    For a long time temptations were our cat’s favorite treat, but as we got to the end of the bag she cared less and less. Yes, our cat is a freshness snob. So this pack worked really well for us, as it contains a bunch of smaller packs which means the treats stay fresher longer. I do wish there were less chicken flavors, as our cat seems to have a greater preference for fishy ones.

  5. Jordan D

    Our cats love these and it’s usually a lot cheaper to buy this box through Amazon instead of buying one bag at a time from elsewhere.

  6. C1984N

    Can’t even sneak the bag open. I now have to repackage anything that sounds remotely like the temptations bag lolll I get attacked when I take out my favorite snacks . They always think it’s their treatsNot sure wtf is in these but it’s drugs for cats

  7. JF Vincent

    A little over a pound of treats, a bit more expensive than the pound tubs but you get 5 different flavours.

  8. Christine

    I have 9 cats and there’s not a flavor that anyone of them don’t like. They can hear me open a bag and will come running in from outside everytime. All of them.

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